Countess Donatella Pecci-Blunt

The Countess, the CEO of the Royal Lifestyle Corporation is a true international celebrity. Among her close friends are members of Europe’s royal families, international film, television stars, wealthy and influential international industrialist and financiers as well as high ranking political figures worldwide.

She is an author, was formerly the hostess of two of Rome’s first television talk shows and has played a major role in some of Italy’s important social and charitable events.

The Countess is not only very personable, intelligent, beautiful, and charming, but she is also very approachable and instantly likable. Anyone with insight who has had the opportunity to share a few moments with her considers himself or herself extremely lucky. By whatever criteria one might wish to judge her, she is a most remarkable woman.

The Countess plays a major role in the promotion of all Royal Lifestyle products.

Jack Charles

Mr. Jack Charles of Texas, the President of the Royal Lifestyle Corporation is an engineer by trade and has a vast experience as a business executive in the engineering field. He’s also a movie and television infomercial producer, scriptwriter, clothing designer and a “semi-professional”  low-handicap golfer.

Mr. Charles has hosted numerous Celebrity Golf Tournaments. He spent two years designing his own line of Golf Clubs, the “Jumano Line” named after a movie he’s currently producing.